JME C64 1.13

Commodore 64 emulator on your phone

JME C64 is a Commodore 64 emulator that allows you to play C64 games on your phone. View full description


  • Authentic C64 experience
  • Lots of options and game settings
  • Comes with built-in games


  • Unstable
  • Performance varies wildly depending on device

Not bad

JME C64 is a Commodore 64 emulator that allows you to play C64 games on your phone.

JME C64 offers a realistic simulation of the Commodore 64 experience on your Java-enabled phone. When you launch the program, you're presented with that famous purple start-up screen. But hang one, there's no tape deck in your phone, so where do you go from here?

The emulator plays Commodore 64 ROMs from your phone's storage. There are several games that come bundled with JME C64, including Elite, Attack of the Mutant Camels and Cosmic Causeway. The application supports Commodore 64 ROMs in PRG, D64, T64 and P00 format.

Well, all of the commands and tools you need to play C64 games are stored in JME C64's Menu screen, including loading and running games, assigning keys for joystick commands, and searching for C64 ROMs on your phone. There are a wealth of options and settings that let you tweak JME C64 for optimal gaming performance.

Unfortunately, JME C64 is very rough around the edges. We experienced frequent crashes when testing on both Nokia N85 and 5800 XPress Music devices, and the games often run very slowly (if you can get them to run at all). According to the developer, the performance of JME C64 depends a lot on the phone you have. Not all of the phones listed as compatible below may run games properly with JME C64. You should check this page on the developer's site for more info about compatibility.

Retro gamers will love playing their old Commodore 64 favorites on JME C64 - as long as their phone can handle it!



JME C64 1.13